This Page Is Lit

“This page is lit by candles of the past.” Billy Collins

A friend shared notes from a Master Class presented via Zoom by Billy Collins, poet laureate (2001-2003) This quote was his parting last line. And there is was…the title of my next poem.

 This Page is Lit By Candles of My Past

Words seem to spring out of nowhere
If I don’t grab them
They vanish like dust
Into thin air

I hear things in rhyme
Moments measured in beat
Frustrated with odd endings
Pacing, I retreat

Then I hear it…

Everything rhymes
Then sometimes nothing fits
But it’s never a problem
Just move things around a little bit

I go back… and sit

Somehow, it seems
I’ve been drawn to this time
And it’s my job now
To make the words rhyme

And they dance.  But they’re not all mine.

Remember, this page is lit
With candles of your past
It’s your turn to paint with words
Carry on. Make the images last

JEP (3/2021)

This Page Is Lit Painting With Words

The title inspired by American poet, Billy Collins.  The entire quote goes like this: "Your page is lit by the candles of the past, all the writers that have helped you to write."
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