It Takes A Village

This Page Is Lit Painting With Words

The title inspired by American poet, Billy Collins.  The entire quote goes like this: "Your page is lit by the candles of the past, all the writers that have helped you to write."
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  2. It Takes A Village
  3. Word Magic
  4. It's Time
  5. Winter Woods – The Year Of COVID, 2020

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child
(African Proverb)

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
No truer words ever spoken.
It’s taken a shutdown, a pandemic
To understand. Eyes wide open.

Together, we nourish a child’s brain
It’s the village that helps them grow.
The world becomes much smaller then
As we work together to show…

The wonders that surround them
The beauty and the beasts.
So many things to discover
By the children at our feet.

Unfortunately, a pandemic
Shut the village down.
Parents, alone, have carried on
Though, impossible to get around.

Children need the village;
Museums, libraries, the zoo.
Different experiences, other children
And trained teachers in a school.

Children need to experience
Dancing and singing and competitions too.
It was the village that gave children
So many things to do.

It takes a village to raise a child
Words so profoundly true.
It’s up to us to make it safe
So these children can grow up too!

In honor of all the parents who have worked to carry on during the pandemic of 20-21 and to all the children who are waiting…waiting for their time to explore the world.

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