It’s Time

February Love

I wrote this poem, in February after listening to Amanda Gorman deliver her poem at the Inaugaration on January 20 called “The Hill We Climb”. It was such an incredible moment. Our poetry group talked about it at our next session. Each of us has some piece that stood out to us. My focus was on her timing for reading each line – how she’d flow from one line to another without pause and then stop on a specific word as emphasis.

I then wrote “It’s Time” as a way to try her approach but share it now as a way to honor the end of Black History Month with a hope that we keep working on equality for all. It’s Time!

This Page Is Lit Painting With Words

The title inspired by American poet, Billy Collins.  The entire quote goes like this: "Your page is lit by the candles of the past, all the writers that have helped you to write."
  1. This Page Is Lit
  2. It Takes A Village
  3. Word Magic
  4. It's Time
  5. Winter Woods – The Year Of COVID, 2020

It’s Time

Sitting awhile to rest
Thinking// on my feelings today.
In the background plays Neil Diamond’s songs
to //Jonathon…Livingston…Seagull.

You know that bird who
Had// to do things his own way
And// was filled with soaring above
The normal// and endlessly// dull?

Well today// the sun is shining
Through windows// of previous pain
But like Jonathon, we can not rest in this moment
Because// there’s much more ground to be gained.

So// I hesitate to be grateful
But I do feel like// we’re soaring again.
And now that we’ve learned more about ourselves//
It’s time// to get to work, my friends.

We have to demand better of ourselves
What//have we done of late?
“We’ve learned quiet isn’t always peace.”
So we// have to bust through it.

What have we done
To counteract// our ugly history of hate?
To rectify ignorance? Speak truth to lies?
It’s time// to measure up. // It’s our time// to do it!

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