Waiting For Inspiration

Having some fun with words


Waiting for My Muse To Arrive

Waiting on my muse to arrive
In the meantime I’ll stay busy
Maybe get some fresh air
Go out for a drive.

Words are floating
All around
I just need to

I’m waiting,

I Have Nothing

My words are coming in scattered
This week, no poet in me.

Fragmented thoughts
Silly images
Nonsense words are all I see.

Bits and pieces
No focus, this week is a mess.

My muse has
Gone on vacation, I guess
And left me here while she rests.

If nothing lasts forever
Then nothing it may be
Unless that muse returns
With gifts of words for me.

(Early Monday Morning)


I waited around for Inspiration
But she was nowhere to be found
Then I called out to my muse
And she seemed to be out of town.

“Oh well,” I thought, “maybe another time
I’m sure they’ll return again.”
But I didn’t expect banging on my brain
At 3 A…M…! Why then?

My muse had been on a vacation
And I know this will sound absurd
But there she was on my bed
Dumping out a souvenir bag full of words.

“Here ya go, Sweetie. I didn’t forget.
I collected these while I was away.”
Well great! I’m glad you came back to me
But it’s 3 AM. Leave me alone. Go away!

Then Inspiration pops her head in
And says, “Can I come in bed with you too?
I have this great idea
And I just couldn’t wait to tell you.”

Oh, for goodness sake.
I guess I might as well get up!
I’m going to go make some coffee.
Anyone else want a cup?

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  1. Kathleen Hochevar says:

    Yum, yes!


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