Winter Woods

Walking alone in the COVID Winter

In the year of Covid, 2020

This Page Is Lit Painting With Words

The title inspired by American poet, Billy Collins.  The entire quote goes like this: "Your page is lit by the candles of the past, all the writers that have helped you to write."
  1. This Page Is Lit
  2. It Takes A Village
  3. Word Magic
  4. It's Time
  5. Winter Woods – The Year Of COVID, 2020

Winter woods
Ground hardened, strewn with decay
Silence surrounds


Barren trees
All bumps, knots, scars exposed
Reaching up to the energy from the sky


Frozen pond
Yesterday, a popular watering hole
Now protecting itself and others


Once a rushing waterfall

Listen. Can you hear it?

One small trickle
Seeps through
A glimmer


Life still flows
A sign of hope


The Woods Symbolizes This Pandemic

Now go back and read it again.

Stanza 1: represents all the people who have died from COVID

Stanza 2: all the systems, stockpiles, etc. that hadn’t been replenished, doctors/nurses working not stop. Praying for help

Stanza 3: Businesses (bars, restaurants in particular) that had to shut down for long periods of time

Stanza 4: People with lives so busy, rushing from one thing to another, suddening put in lockdown

Stanza 5: Word of a possible vaccine being distributed slowly

Stanza 6: Hope returns

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