Painting With Words

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I am trying something new. First, writing poetry! That’s new for me. But then second, pairing a blog with a podcast. That is an exciting new option for my writing. So, here is my first attempt at sharing some silly poetry both in print and audio form.
So now you can choose to read or listen or both! Such fun!

Read, Listen, and Be Inspired to do the same.


Digging In The Dirt

The warmth of the sunshine rejuvenates my soulAlong with digging in the dirtTill my fingers hurt! Up and downOff the groundPulling weedsPlanting seeds. Digging in the dirt till my body screams! Distracted by birds jumping limb to limb.I try to flirtBut they’re super alert! So I stay awayLeave them to playAnd I revert to Digging…

This Page Is Lit

“This page is lit by candles of the past.” Billy Collins A friend shared notes from a Master Class presented via Zoom by Billy Collins, poet laureate (2001-2003) This quote was his parting last line. And there is was…the title of my next poem.  This Page is Lit By Candles of My Past Words seem…

It Takes A Village

An African Proverb that is very applicable today. Our children need all of us. It takes a village!